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Construction to Permanent Loans

If you are interested in building your own new custom home from the ground up with ICI Custom Homes, you may be interested in a Construction to Permanent Loan. Also called a Construction to Perm Loan, or just Construction Perm Loan, these types of loans are taken out before your home breaks ground. Then, once your home is complete, it functions as a standard loan that most people are familiar with.

ICI Custom Homes Division’s Project Manager for North Florida, Matt Wilford, interviewed John Robinson to give us some answers on what exactly these loans are and how they can benefit a future homeowner. John Robinson is the Vice President of Mortgage Banking at Hancock-Whitney.

Read below for the interview, or watch the video for more information.

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You Can If You Try: How We Tackle Customization Challenges

ICI Homes’ commitment to customizing the homes we build, isn’t mere company slogan. As one of Florida’s largest homebuilders for almost four decades, we want to sell you a home, but not one you’re unsure of.

Enter Don Wilford, the president of ICI Homes’ Custom Home Division. It’s his company-wide mandate to ensure clients know they can tap ICI Homes’ design resources to tweak floor plans, creating a unique, one-of-a-kind home.

Keeping that mandate isn’t always easy. Below are examples of how Wilford and fellow designers tackle customization challenges.
Ask and you shall receive
An older couple house-hunting in Tamaya, ICI Homes’ master-planned […]

There’s Nothing We Can’t Customize! Here’s Proof

If you’ve read some of our posts on customization, you’re likely aware that not every potential client brings simple requests to their meeting with an ICI Homes designer.

It’s not always as straightforward as, “Can we extend the garage wall by two feet in order to install overhead storage cabinets?”

But do we love a challenge? We do! Read on for proof that there’s nothing we can’t customize.
Yes, we can build on your lot*
That asterisk is there for a reason. And we absolutely can build on your lot. It’s another helpful option for buyers who want a custom home, but not […]

Taking Our Own Customization Challenge: We’re Improving for You

We at ICI Homes want to build a home that truly fits you. Giving potential clients the opportunity to sit with one of our designers to discuss floorplans, or brainstorm design problems, is how we’ve done business for almost four decades.

But, it’s not how many of our peers do it.

“Nine out of ten builders in Jacksonville and in most of the state of Florida do not do customization,” says Don Wilford, president of ICI Homes’ Custom Home Division. “A small custom builder who builds just 10 fine homes a year can do that. But we’re a company who builds […]

How We Customize: ICI Homes’ Worry-Free Process, Explained

We at ICI Homes can customize the new Florida home you’d like to build, and you want us to do exactly that. What happens next?

Regardless of where you are in the decision process — bewildered about what kind of home you’d like, or already specific about changes to a certain floorplan — we can take you the rest of the way design-wise.

You, tapping our expertise to get what you want in a new custom home, is why we’re here. Read on for a primer to our worry-free customization process.
Why have us customize?
ICI Homes has built new homes throughout central […]

Why Customization Is Crucial for Modern Homebuilders

If you are searching for a new home, you’ve likely visited homebuilders’ model homes and/or explored their floorplans online.

Are you part of that small percentage of buyers who immediately fall in love with a floorplan? Congratulations! For most of us, that home probably doesn’t’t exist. Yet.

Most of us seek a mash-up of floorplans — this kitchen, that master bath and the model-home courtyard garden that stopped us in our tracks — even if we don’t recognize that’s what we’re thinking.

The truth is that buyers rarely luck into the perfect new home because, well, we don’t live in a perfect […]

Want to Customize a Floorplan? Here’s How to Start

Interested in ICI Homes building your new Florida home? Perhaps you’ve targeted one of our master-planned developments in North, East, Central or West Florida.

The next step, if you haven’t taken it, is to select a floorplan that works for you and your household. You might fall in love with one of our more than 100 custom designs and tell your sales representative, “Don’t change a thing!”
But life usually isn’t like that, right?
That’s where ICI Homes’ longtime priority on customizing our floorplans, saves the day. There are innumerable design things we can do to finagle exactly the home you want, […]

How to Prepare for Your Customization Meeting

For nearly four decades, ICI Homes has designed an extensive library of more than 100 floorplans. Many are award-winners and client favorites, but none are static. That’s because the ability to customize each of those plans to fit an exact buyer, is one of the traits that defines ICI Homes.

In fact, allow us to prove it to you!

Have you targeted one of our communities? Perhaps a specific plan you’d like to alter to fit your household’s lifestyle? That’s what we’re about. Our plans already contain the option to include certain popular additions such as bonus rooms, cabana bathrooms, summer […]

A Willingness to Customize Means Happy Clients

How badly do you want to build your dream home?

Fortunately, most of us don’t have to run reality-TV gauntlets when it comes to choosing a community for our next new home. But sometimes the difference between adequate and awesome does require extra effort — let’s call it communication — between buyer and builder.

ICI Homes has a long tradition of customization — the willingness to re-tailor floor plans to buyers’ needs and wants — so we’re sharing an example of why it’s important to listen to clients and help them attain their dream home.

The president of our Custom Home Division, […]

Meet ICI Homes’ Mr. Customization

Did you know that we employ a magician?

That’s right! Someone who can work blueprint magic when a potential client can’t find, or articulate, what they want in a new home.

To their rescue rides in Don Wilford, our Custom Home Division president based in Jacksonville. Wilford is a customization guru who specializes in salvaging clients’ home-building dreams. He does it by listening, asking detailed questions and answering questions. Then, it’s (literally) back to the drawing board to produce a floorplan tailored to eliminate clients’ frustrations.

“When I listen to my customers tell me what they want — they can’t visualize what […]