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ICI Custom Homes has been a custom home builder in Florida for 40 years. Whether you’re looking to build a custom home in Jacksonville, Tampa, Daytona Beach, Gainesville, or any of our other area communities in Florida, ICI Custom Homes will deliver the custom home of your dreams.

You can choose one of our award winning floor plan designs and bump out a room or completely redesign the first floor. ICI Custom Homes has hundreds of floor plans to choose from in our extensive library. You can blend elements from different home plans or completely customize a home plan to fit your individual needs and lifestyle.

Customize Your Home Without Adding Substantial Costs

Since every customer wants something different, ICI Custom Homes makes it easy to get exactly what you want in a custom home – without adding substantial costs to your bottom line. Our sales associates and professional in-house floor plan developers pride themselves on spending one-on-one time with you to learn about your wants and needs and then transform your wish list into a final blueprint.

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Ready to build that one-of-a-kind dream home or generational family retreat? ICI Custom Homes is ready for build it for you, and we’re here with what we think are some interesting and informative topics when it comes to designing today’s custom luxury homes. Read on for more! Why ICI Custom Homes We’re Florida’s Custom Home Builder. Customization has been one of our pillars from the beginning. We’ve built new custom Florida homes all over the Sunshine State for more than four decades, both in master-planned communities we develop and those in which we’re preferred builders, and we champion custom homes every chance we get to help potential customers build or buy the new home that’s right for them. We’re also the go-to for custom luxury homes — hence our ICI Custom Homes division which does nothing else. This is your stop for one-of-a-kind dream homes no matter the square footage or design. And don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of our complimentary customization consultation with one of our ICI Custom Homes designers. It’s the first step toward making your ideas a reality. Sustainability Builders and customers have many options to make today’s new custom Florida homes as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible, and it’s baked into every ICI Homes project. All our homes are ICI EQ Factor homes, which means they contain the latest residential construction techniques, tighter envelopes for airtight, comfortable interiors, and innovative products such as Energy Star appliances and high-performance mechanical systems. One advantage of building a custom luxury home with ICI Custom Homes is the planning and design stage, where even more of these techniques and products — and perhaps new ones — can be included. This ensures you get an even-higher-performing luxury custom home, plus the savings and sustainability that makes it worth the effort. Longterm Enjoyment Often, luxury custom homes are the culmination of much planning and consideration. You want those two dishwashers, a heated infinity swimming pool, or a gallery-style garage for vintage cars. But you probably also want to share it with family and friends for a long, long time. Part of thinking longterm means considering items beyond those longed-for above. Absolutely go for them! Then consider if aging family members might share your dream home, and tweaks and additions you can include — for them and you — to comfortably age in place. One-level suites offer privacy and accessibility as do open floor plans. Technology can play a helpful role, with features that turn off and on via a phone app, or home-wide video conferencing and security capabilities. Outdoor Living Thanks to Florida’s year-round temperate climate and recreational lifestyles, customized outdoor living spaces are gotta-have-it for most ICI Custom Home clients. Since trends evolve, think of how you’ll use that infinity pool down the road, when teenagers aren’t constantly in it. Or, how to add future features like raised garden beds or pet runs. Ready for your new custom Florida home? Talk to ICI Custom Homes here. [...] Read more...
Pets are integral to many prospective customers’ lives, and we at ICI Custom Homes are happy to include them when you plan for a dream home, retirement enclave, or that family gathering destination. In fact, there’s no reason Fluffy and Fido can’t have their own little slice of custom design! Intrigued? Read on for more information. First stop We’ve designed new custom Florida homes all over the state for more than four decades, so you — and Fluffy and Fido — are in good hands. Regardless of whether you bring your floor plan, are keen on one of our award-winners, or want something drawn from scratch, it begins with a complimentary customization meeting with one of our custom-home designers. They’re experts at listening and brainstorming and can help you bring your custom-home dream to life. Your customization meeting can be virtual or in-person. Just bring your lists of wants, needs and those people-and-pet features you’ve always wanted. Flooring Pet paws can do a scratchy number on residential flooring. You probably know this, but it never hurts to explore the latest technology and finishes in long-wearing flooring, particularly if it’s been a while since you’ve lived in a new home. Today’s wood-look tiles, engineered wood options, and classic ceramic and stone tiles can all withstand wet, muddy paws and claws much better than previous flooring generations. Fencing Another possible prerequisite for our custom home customers with beloved outdoor pets. We promise there are more attractive (and secure) options than that bland chain-link look. Cat habitats Tired of finding an overly curious cat clinging to the living-area ceiling fan in your current home? Design a cat-specific play area in your new custom Florida home. A pile of delivery boxes may be fine entertainment, but why not give your cat(s) a fun place to run, jump, climb, and perch to watch household goings-on? Dog wash station A dog wash in the laundry or utility room solves so many unnecessary Fido-in-the-bathtub annoyances. It can be shaped and sized for any size dog, and include a handheld sprayer to make cleanup a breeze. Supplies From cat litter, treats and meds, to extra bedding for hamsters and guinea pigs, you need storage for pet supplies. And it no longer has to overrun a hall closet or garage container. Talk to your ICI Custom Homes designer about adding cabinets and drawers especially for pet supplies to mudrooms, laundry rooms and drop zones. Think big outside the house Building on your lot or land? Perhaps there’s a horse in your future — or one you’ve had to board and now can house in your own stable. Maybe it’s a dog run or roomy kennel for Fido. Intrigued, but need more space for larger pet habitats? We can help. One ICI Custom Homes advantage is our ability to help customers locate land for their and their pets’ dream home. Ready for your new custom Florida home? Talk to ICI Custom Homes here. [...] Read more...
It’s finally time to build that dream home, retirement home or family enclave, and ICI Custom Homes is ready to help. We at ICI Homes have built new custom Florida homes all over the Sunshine State for more than four decades, but when it comes to the one-of-kind abode you’ve always wanted, our ICI Custom Homes division is your first stop. You know what you want: that four-vehicle garage for automotive toys. A freeform swimming pool that matches your alma mater’s logo. Perhaps your dream home simply means enough private spaces so that visiting family members and friends won’t have to bring sleeping bags! Whatever’s on your wish list, ICI Custom Homes can tackle it. But if you’re still in the planning and visualization stages, we’re glad to offer some ideas. Here’s a go-list of popular custom home features that might be perfect for your dream home. Outdoor kitchens Also known as summer kitchens, these are timeless staples of Florida living and can be designed in all sizes and configurations. Get that meal-sized gas grill, but be sure to consider a few pointers. One is to site the outdoor kitchen near the real one indoors. Makes retrieving the mayo a breeze. Also decide how you’ll use your outdoor kitchen. Counter space, a mini fridge for condiments and drinks, shelves for storage, and a bar sink are key. Also consider adjacent space for lounging and dining. Outdoor living features Love the summer kitchen? Combine it with your must-have list of backyard amenities. This can be anything — swimming pools, spas and fire pits are top-of-list for many customers. You might want comfy seating, perhaps sunset vistas, or lanai space for a container herb garden. As with the outdoor kitchen’s proximity to the real kitchen, it’s helpful to include an entrance to an interior bathroom (a cabana bath) to keep folks in wet bathing suits from traipsing across the living area. Spa bathrooms Treat yourself, especially if you’ve done with cramped showers and a built-in whirlpool tub that doubles as a laundry hamper. As with summer kitchens and outdoor living features, dream big for your spa bathrooms. Choose a soaking tub and tuck it in an expansive wet room with a waterfall shower. Designate space for potted plants that love humidity Mirror a bathroom wall to make checking your dinner outfits effortless. Put a chandelier in your spa bathroom, or attach the bathroom to a home gym for easy wash-ups. Home offices Increasingly a necessity in today’s remote-work and gig economy. Even if you have one in your current home, this is the opportunity for bespoke cabinetry, file storage and lighting. Customize like crazy That’s what ICI Custom Home professionals do. We’ll design a fresh floor plan, riff off yours, or help you choose one from our award-winning library. We’ll even find a lot for it or build on your existing lot. Ready for your new custom Florida home? Talk to ICI Custom Homes here. [...] Read more...