Unveiling the Blueprint: ICI Homes’ Exclusive Brunch with a Builder Webinar

Are you ready to turn the key to your dream home? ICI Homes, Florida’s premier custom home builder, invites you to an exclusive virtual event that will take you on a journey from vision to reality. Join us for the Brunch with a Builder webinar, featuring the expertise of Luiz Correa, a seasoned home-building professional.

Date and Time:
December 9th at 10:00 AM

Online – Join us virtually from the comfort of your home!

Unlocking the Door to Your Dream Home

At ICI Homes, we understand that building a custom home is a deeply personal and exciting endeavor. Our mission is to enhance lives by expanding possibilities for our customers, and what better way to do that than by guiding you through the process of creating your dream home?

Luiz Correa, our home building expert, will be your virtual guide, providing exclusive insights into every aspect of the custom home construction process. Whether you’re curious about land acquisition, building techniques, securing construction financing, or simply want to gain a deeper understanding of the entire journey, Luiz has the answers.

A Virtual Feast of Knowledge

This virtual Brunch with a Builder is not just an event; it’s an opportunity to feast on knowledge that will empower you to make informed decisions about your custom home. Luiz Correa’s expertise, paired with ICI Homes’ commitment to excellence, ensures that you’ll gain valuable insights into the intricacies of home construction.

What to Expect:

1. Land Acquisition Strategies:
– Learn the art of selecting the perfect homesite for your dream home.
– Understand the factors that contribute to a prime location.

2. Building Techniques Unveiled:
– Explore the innovative building techniques employed by ICI Homes.
– Gain insights into the construction process from foundation to finishing touches.

3. Securing Construction Financing:
– Navigate the financial aspects of building your custom home.
– Get tips on securing construction financing that aligns with your budget.

Your Chance to Win Big!

As a token of our appreciation for joining us on this virtual journey, every attendee will be entered for a chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card. It’s our way of saying thank you for choosing ICI Homes as your partner in turning dreams into reality.

Save Your Spot!

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to transform your vision into a reality. Save the date – December 9th at 10:00 AM – and join us online for a Brunch with a Builder that promises to be both informative and inspiring.

To register and secure your spot, click here and embark on the path to creating the custom home you’ve always dreamed of. At ICI Homes, we’re not just building homes; we’re building legacies. Join us, and let’s build yours together!