Customization: Buyers’ Edge in a Competitive Market

If you’re searching for a new custom Florida home, you probably know it’s a competitive buying market out there.

A perpetual national housing shortage, Florida’s ongoing popularity, and occasional interest-rate hi-jinks all combine to keep today’s buyers on their toes. But there’s one factor in your favor that you may not have considered, and it’s also one of ICI Homes’ strengths — customization.

Customization: Buyers’ Edge in a Competitive MarketPotential customers unfamiliar with ICI Homes may think customization won’t work with their budgets. While customization can mean significant outlay for someone building a dream home, it also gives any buyer the ability to achieve maximum value in a new custom Florida home.

Read on to discover this buyer’s edge

Know your parameters

It sounds simple, but listing your household’s needs and wants, must-haves and no-ways, prepares you to tackle the customization option. Knowledge is power, and you’ll be able to sift through new communities, floor plans and possibilities without too much distraction.

So do your research, establish your budget and stick to it. Those strategies automatically ensure your dollars will go a long way, and they’ll clarify where customization can help you.

How ICI Homes uses customization

It’s one of our company’s priorities and specialities. We’ve built new custom Florida homes all over the state for more than four decades and are known as Florida’s Custom Home Builder.

“We move walls,” we like to say, and here’s how we do it.

If you build a new home with us in one of our master-planned communities, or one where we’re a preferred builder, you have the option to customize it to your household’s needs.

Every potential ICI Homes customer can take advantage of a complimentary meeting with one of our floor-plan designers. Do it! They’ll help you choose a floor plan, or tweak one you like to enlarge a closet, widen a driveway, or flipflop bedrooms from one side of the plan to the other.

And these are only examples. You might find the perfect floor plan, but need it tweaked to accommodate a loved one with special needs. Our designers are glad to help. You won’t know until you ask, and most of these customizations come at little to no cost to you (another reason to know your home-buying budget).

How customization is a buyer’s edge

Getting maximum value for your money in a competitive residential market requires preparation, then the willingness to maximize ICI Homes’ complimentary customization meeting.

Regardless of whether you request only a few tweaks to your floor plan or a lot, you’re still getting that maximum value because — repeat after us — most tweaks our floor plan designers encounter in these brainstorming sessions with customers, come at little or no cost.

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