Customization is in ICI Homes’ DNA

Have we met? If not, we at ICI Homes are pleased to meet you, a potential new-home buyer prowling for inspiration or information about building a new custom Florida home.

You’re in the right place! ICI Homes has been building custom homes in the state of Florida since our Chairman and CEO, Mori Hosseini, founded the company almost 40 years ago. Our dedication to designing homes that fit clients’ needs and dreams is one of our hallmarks.

Like any industry, the homebuilding industry morphs according to advances and changes in technology, construction techniques and trends that accompany it. But one thing that hasn’t changed for ICI Homes — in fact, it’s even more important — is our dedication to ensuring every potential client gets a home that truly fits their lifestyles.

Sometimes it’s adjusting an existing ICI Homes floor plan — extending a garage wall or adding an extra sink in the laundry room. Other times it’s incorporating favorite features from several different plans into a unique design that fits a multi-generational family all under one roof.

Regardless how we customize, we’ve gotten pretty good at it (if we do say so ourselves)! Read on to discover how and why customization is in ICI Homes’ DNA.

We know our customers

Per Don Wilford, the president of ICI Homes’ Custom Home Division, “Our business model is unique — like no other builder our size has.”

That unique business model is the willingness to help clients tweak, alter and, when applicable, redraw existing plans to fit their lives. It begins with talented designers who help clients visualize what they need and want, and extends to the builders and craftspeople who bring those dreams to life. It’s also an unusual pivot point for a company the size of ICI Homes, which, at the time of this writing, was building more than 600 new homes per year.

“It’s not a catchy thing we’re doing,” Wilford says. “It’s a focused business plan.”

Thanks to a successful body of work, the company is doubling down on one of ICI Homes’ core principles. Leading the charge is Wilford, known informally as “Chief Customizer.”

“In our case, we’ve done it so long that I’ve been blessed with a staff I’ve been able to train,” he says. “So when I meet the customer and design the plan, if I didn’t have people that could take the plan and cost it out and builders who could build it, it would be useless. But I do. I have this circle of people that this plan will go to and we’re the best in the state at doing this type of customization.”

We know what our clients want

Another benefit of our longtime dedication to customization is that we’ve cataloged clients’ top requests on our website to help you brainstorm your new custom Florida home.

Briefly, they’re bonus rooms, cabana bathrooms, summer kitchens and flex spaces.

Bonus rooms can be that extra bedroom, a sports bar over the garage or a lounge area for kids to do homework and host friends.

Cabana bathrooms are full bathrooms with exterior access to outdoor living spaces. They keep wet feet and bathing suits away from interior living areas.

Summer kitchens are outdoor cooking and entertaining areas. They can be simple built-in countertops to frame your gas grill, or a gourmet setup that rivals your interior kitchen.

Flex spaces are exactly that — home offices, in-law suites, reading lofts and so on. The choices are yours.

Ready to tap our customization expertise? Start here.